Tuesday, August 12, 2014

30 Week Update

Hey Glitterati,

I made 30 weeks today! I am so excited that my sweet pea is on his way in a couple of months. Since finding out my baby's sex, I've had a echocardiogram done on his heart, because the way he was laying the Dr. couldn't see all the chambers of his heart; and another ultra sound. Plus, we came up with a name, that I will reveal once he's born. 

In case you've forgotten, I had high blood pressure before I conceived. Now it's under control and much lower than before pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago, I was tested for gestational diabetes. Even though I have predisposition on both sides of my family, I've went almost 33 years without being diagnosed. The one hour test I failed by 10 points. A week later I took the 3 hour test. The 3 hour test you fast for at least 12 hours and they take your blood every hour for 3 hours, so all together I was stuck 4 times. What I won't do for my baby right? 

So I find out yesterday I failed 3 out of 4 tests. I was devastated, like I wanted to break down right there in the Dr's office. I changed my diet completely, but I did eat bad stuff here and there to feed the cravings I was having. I felt like I failed myself and my baby. Then the Dr tells me I have to see a dietician and take blood sugars 4 times a day. My hormones all over the place, he tells me what the worst thing that could happen and what he's hoping that will happen. *sigh* So now more diets and hopefully no more pills.

 I was wrestling with the decision to write about this, but I had to do it. Maybe another young lady has these feelings and reading this will let her know it will be okay. Luckily I do have support and my boyfriend is going on the diet with me. I know what I have to do for me and the health of my baby, so I will keep you all posted. 

Below I posted a pic of my sweet pea taken 2 weeks ago and me. 

Until Next Time, 


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