Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yes New Friends

Hey Glitterati,

Happy New Year from Gold'n Glitters! 

The recording artist, Drake made a song, "No New Friends" It's catchy, but not reality. We all need new friends, new people that will add to your life. People are either a blessing or a lesson. So I say all of this to say, I met a new friend today. Actually I know her from my sorority sister Alexis. She introduced me to a young lady named Mishara. Mishara is sweet as pie with killer style. So we braved the Chicago snow and had brunch at Yolk, New Years Day. Good food and good girl talk is what I love! 

Mishara will be making a guest appearance on the blog soon. I'm excited about her style, which is similar to mine to be embraced by the Glitterati! 

So onto to the Outfit of the Day.

                                      Me and Mishara 

                              Top x Forever 21 +
                              Skirt x Forever 21+
                              Tights x Dots 
                              Boots x Dots 
                              Accessories x Forever 21 and Torrid 

What's your fashion and beauty goals for 2014? How did you spend your New Year so far?

Until Next Time,


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