Monday, January 27, 2014

Loc Times In the City: Short Hair Does Care

Hey Glitterati,

If you haven't been following me on Instagram (goldnglitters)/Twitter (goldhoneebee)/or Facebook then you wouldn't know that I have cut my hair. I don't mean just cut it in a bob like I have two years ago.....I'm on TWA (teenie weenie afro) status.


Various reasons. I didn't like the set of locs that was started. Some were skinny, some were big, some were combined because the smaller ones were thinning. I have heavy coarse hair, while it maybe ideal for some, it's been a chore for me all my life. Once my hair reaches a certain length I cut it, always have done so. I love short hair!

Thanks to everyone that have given compliments and kind words on me cutting my hair. There were others that were mad about me cutting it. (amber lol) Girl boo. It's just hair, and mine grows back fast as ever. By the time summer comes and I can come out of these hats and cold weather gear, my fro will be wild and free. I felt so free, vulnerable, and awesome after my hair was cut.

           The first loc cut

              My Inspiration for my hair cut


   My Mentee Soror Ibrahim and myself at her Neophyte this past Saturday

I will still be doing loc times in the city, because guess what? I still have hair I can talk about different styles and products I use on a weekly basis. The funny thing was people kept saying, I was talking about cutting it. We didn't know you would actually do it. Usually when I put my mind to a decision I go through with it.

Have you ever had a drastic hair cut? How did you feel afterwards?

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