Monday, April 15, 2013

#54321change featuring @robhillsr

Hey Glitterati,

I saw this challenge on Instagram on Rob Hill Sr's page, and decided I would post and answer the questions.

5 things I love:
Good food
Music and other art forms
Reality Tv

4 positive things about myself:
Regal ( I would say beautiful, but I am beyond beautiful)

3 things I'm Thankful for:
My circle (fam, friends, and Sorors)
My health
My faith

2 things I feel I deserve:

1 dream I won't give up on:
Making others feel good from the inside out.

"I am royalty and I will be great because that's the only option I give myself."

P.s. by the time I post this I will have 28 days until graduation and 41 days until i done with my hours at Tricoci University. I take my last test before the final Monday and the 30th of April starts graduate testing. Time is flying.

What are the 2 things you feel like you deserve?

Until next time,


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