Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hair Spotlight with @HairLust

Hey Glitterati,

I'm bringing you a interview with one of my classmates, Timla Woods. She's a hairstylist, and now a entrepreneur, owning her own company, Hair Lust. Hair lust, is a Premium hair weave company, selling all patterns of premium Virgin hair. I interviewed Timla, asked her expertise in hair care and picking the right weave for installing.

1. What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
My Aunt Wendy on my day's side of the family. I feel in love with hair at the age of 4, instead of Barbie dolls, I got mannequin heads for Christmas.

2. Name 3 people that have inspired you in your artistry that is hair and why?

Elgin Charles because he is a successful man in this business that focuses on quality and it shows through his accomplishments.

Mario Tricoci, one reason why I went to the school. He came to America with nothing. But he had a dream and nothing stopped him from achieving It. Most people would have given up with no help or resources, but he didn't.

Last but not least, my aunt Wendy. Her life revolves around hair. I remember going with my mom every weekend at 7am and my aunt never having time to eat because she was booked with appointments. Not just because she was great, but she had a passion for what she does.

3. What type of hair do you prefer to install?
ANY hair that will suite my clients need AND look good for their occasion. Realistically everyone cannot afford or even have access to very expensive, high quality hair and I understand that. I usually ask my clients what their budget is, what style are they looking to acquire, and what is the occasion. That let's me know if their expectations are realistic and if I can accomplish this with their satisfaction. If the answer is no, I explain that and also make suggestions.

4. I love your entrepreneurial spirit, what is your new business venture?
My #1 goal in life is to be healthy and wealthy.... Not just rich, but wealthy! So I've decided to invest into the "Virgin Hair" business. I use that term loosely only because a lot of hair these days are considered "Virgin" HOWEVER, the hair that is used at my company, comes from that nationality which it is said to be. There is no middleman, we work with direct vendors only in order to assure the value of our extensions are true.

5. Any tips you can give my readers on how to maintain healthy hair, and look for quality hair weaves?
Condition, condition, and condition. That is always my #1 tip for maintaining healthy hair. Keep the split ends away and you will notice your hair growth increase. Use quality products, hair care has a similar regimen as in skin care. You wouldn't use pore clogging products on your skin just because they are less expensive, so sit down with a licensed cosmetologist for a consultation to see what your hair needs in order to purchase the correct product for your hair care needs. What you look for in quality weave is what process it has been through. If it is virgin hair, make sure it has not been through a acid bath and silicone process. Most remy hair is put through this process in order to align the cuticles in the same direction, but when the silicone wears off after washing a few times, the hair becomes very ratty, dry, and tangled. Although i encourage virgin hair, It all depends on what the budget is and the amount of time the client is looking to keep the hair.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself opening a chain of salons/spas, investing in myself. We all want to get to a point to where we are no longer working for and making somebody else rich, so that is where I'm headed.

7. Name one thing you've learned today?
Today I've learned if you have a goal or a dream DO IT! There are MANY obstacles that will come your way while attempting to accomplish your goal including finances, but use your resources and be patient.

8. Name 3 of your favorite songs.
Jay Adams- Please
Elle Varner- Refill
The Weekend- Wicked Games

9. What is your mantra or words to live by?
Our greatest battles come right before our greatest breakthrough!
*HairLust's Grand Opening will be January 1, 2013*

Below is a sample of the Virgin line, curly, wavy, and straight.

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