Sunday, November 4, 2012

CEO of Tricoci University Visits Bridgeview Campus @TUBC

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So much has been going on, school and work trying to rest in between the two. I am so happy that I made the choice to attend Tricoci University. In over a month of being in school I have gained 7 sisters and a second mother. It's weird because when I first meet a person and talk to them I can tell what kind of person they are and whether I want to have any kind of personal relationship with them. I knew from week 1, that I would love my classmates.

1. We are all goofy. If laughing really sheds pounds, I would be thin lol. I think sometimes other classes are jealous of how we get along and have fun.

2. Even at different stages in life we still all get along. The youngest of the bunch is 18 to the oldest of late 30s.

3. These people hadn't known me for a whole month and I had a potluck with cake, and a happy birthday song for my birthday. When my bank account was compromised one of them held me down and made me take money lol.

4. My instructor who I feel like is my 2nd mother was there for me, when I was upset at school. I don't know any other time outside of high school that an instructor cared that much about my well being.

let me get on with my story.

Last week Mr Brian Weed, CEO of Tricoci University, came to the Bridgeview campus to visit and give an excellent speech. I have been to 4 schools before this one and have 2 degrees and hardly ever do I remember being so inspired from their stories, like I have with Mr. Weed. He's a really nice personable type of guy, I passed him in the hallway and he stopped to speak with me and say hello.

He started the speech with what exactly a CEO does, in case others didn't know. He is responsible for all aspects of the TUBC business. He is also on the board of directors of North Lawndale Prep, a charter school in one of the highest poverty stricken areas of Chicago. It boasts 80% graduation rate, compared to Chicago Public Schools, 50%, and that 80% go on to earn college degrees.

One of his stories that inspired me was of him losing a job, and how that catapulted him into the position he has now. Having mentors was a excellent point in his speech, and how everyone needs one. I'm in one of the few industries where you do not have to work for others to survive; the beauty industry is a entrepreneurs paradise. Hearing this made me so inspired, that I can also have my own makeup line and day spa. He really made me think about why I am in the beauty industry, mainly because I have a keen eye for details, and making others feel good from the inside out.

I hope we get to have more seminars with people in the beauty industry and with the school to give a face to the Tricoci brand.

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