Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All I Want For My Birthday......

Hey Glitterati,

Today is my birthday! I am always reflective on my birthdays, of my accomplishments, and how far I've come in a year. This year is no different.

                                               Me as I grew up

This year I have started my business of Makeup Artistry (Beauty by Brandy Hazzard), and I made the biggest investment ever; going to Esthetician School.

I stepped down on my Chapter's Executive board to do what I love.....gave up having any kind of social life to have a better life later. I have the most supportive people that's in my corner and have encouraged me, times that I wanted to give up, and say well this may not be for me.

 I may complain on twitter lol.....but going to class makes my whole day, and I'm there 5 days a week. Tricoci is the best fit for me, and I'm glad my Soror Stevania encouraged me to attend. I'm going to continue to blog about my experiences being a beauty school gal, when I can. 

This is my Birthday, my day; I am celebrating the WHOLE month lol! Before I leave you I will leave this with you......

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