Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beauty School: Week One with @repechage #beauty #makeup #makeupchat #repechage

Hey Glitterati,

Sorry I've been away so long! I am week three into beauty school for my Esthetician license. Each week I will write about my experiences and just what's going on with me on my blog. What beauty blogger wouldn't write about the products they are using in school and their experiences?

My 1st week:
I am getting the hang of wearing white. I haven't worn all white like this since LPN training in high school. *sigh* It's hard keeping white thee whitest! I get jealous because the Cos (Cosmetologist students) get to wear white and black or all black :/

I got a chance to get my makeup kit, my massage man named Mr Wonderful lol, and my facial kit. In my facial kit, we are using Repechage products. I am in love with these products. It was like Christmas time, and I was getting all the presents. Not only do we get kits, but a Ipad to load our books on, which is cool because I don't have to carry big heavy books around.

I haven't been in school studying like this since Undergrad and I graduated over 5 years ago. I am now getting into the swing of things between work and school.

I am so excited and yet nervous because I want to do well and excel. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, get into skincare and into makeup more.

Not only did I find out that I have a dry skin type but my nose produces the most oil, because of this I am using the Hydra 4 products. The Hydra 4 products are for dry skin and sensitive types to hydrate the skin. Now because I am allergic to nuts, I couldn't use the Almond and Honey scrub, but I am using the Pineapple Scrub.

             This is everything I have just in travel sizes.
                 "Beauty By the Sea"

That's all for now. Just getting started, learning a lot. Talk to you all soon!

Until Next Time,


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