Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Summer Nail Look: Tropical Tribal Remix with @GlamNoLabelz

Hey Ladies!

I asked my blogger friend Brandy if I could do a guest post on a nail look & present here for the first time. I ran across a cute nail look via Instagram that I wanted to try out. 

So allow me to share with you the steps I took to achieve the nail look below…

Using these products 

1.First I started out by filing, & shaping my nails to the desired look I wanted.

2. Secondly I applied my L.A. Colors Triple Play top coat/base coat/hardener to my nails *Review coming soon via *

3. I then applied 1 coat of the NYC nail polish in Pink Promenade Crème on my nails except the accent (ring finger) nail. I then applied the Brash nail polish in Gone Bananas on the accent nail.

4. Let nails dry for a few minutes & applied a second coat (Of each polish) so it’s not sheer.

5. After I let the 2nd coat dry, I applied a diagonal line using the 24k glitter gold’n glitter nail art décor by L.A. Colors on all five nails.

6. Let it dry, and then applied a 2nd layer of the 24k glitter again

7. I then used my L.A. Colors nail art décor in white below the 24k glitter. As slow & careful as I could be, I swiped a line down & then continued side by side.

8. I then let that dry & applied my L.A. Colors Triple Play top coat/base coat/hardener on my nails.

9. Optional- go back & clean up where you may have messed up or applied polish on your cuticles with a nail brush or Q-tip.
AND…BAM! The finished product!

Cute right?! When it comes to doing my own manicures (which is 99.9% of the time) I tend to just paint my nails & not add any fancy cute decorations like this look. This isn’t difficult to do, but it does take time. So don’t feel discouraged. Try it out!
I hope you all enjoyed this post. And come check out similar posts (NOTDs) & other beauty related posts on my blog
Thank you for the opportunity Brandy

Ashley N.
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