Monday, July 2, 2012

Music Monday Debut-Go Get it by @therealmarymary

Hey Glitterati,

I love art. Any and every kind of art, including music. I wanted to write about music and have different songs that have some kind of impact on my life. I listen to music all day, if it's getting ready to go out or in the car I'm listening to music. I'm influenced by a lot of older music: R & B, Gospel, Country, Hip Hop, Rock, etc.

My 1st post will be a song that I've loved since I heard it on the Mary Mary reality show in WE tv. Their show is hilarious and real. It's made me love them and their music even more. I maybe telling my age but my 1st song I've ever bought of theirs was was a cd single. I love that their music can reach the young folks and the older ones. The fashion girl in me loves that they are women with curves, and dress accordingly. They show that you can be sexy and saved.

I love "Go Get It." It's my anthem for 2012, I'm going to get my blessings. Already I have been so blessed this year and accomplishing things that are on my vision board. I hope you can enjoy this song as much as I have.

The styling was on point and the makeup and hair was beautiful! What are you "Going to Get" in 2012?

Until Next Time,


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