Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shop with @GlamNoLabelz/Thrifting with @MissEFlowers

Hello Glitterati,

I have been on a thrifting kick lately. Before I would go to thrift stores and really not find anything worth buying. I would just find dope jewelry and that would be it.

Last month I went thrifting with my friend Edtra. (hey Boo!) to the Unique Thrift in Dolton, IL. We went on a Sunday, which is 50% off everything in the store. She found a ton of stuff and I found 3 pieces that I love to pieces. (see what I did there lol). I got a dress that's empire waist and it's a royal blue with gold glitter polka dots, a royal blue midi skirt, and a beet red blazer.

                               I wore the skirt to work.
                                        Shirt: Hanes (Sam's Club)
                                        Shrug: Dots
                                        Shoes: Dots
                                        Bag: Coach

I spent a whopping $10 for my thrift finds...excited!

One of my fav blogger friends @GlamNoLabelz, which I have guest blogged for, has a thrift site where she sell vintage pieces. ShopGlamNoLabelz I bought 3 pieces from her that fit like a dream. A pair of stone washed straight legged jeans, a mustard and black dress, and a black and grey polka dot dress. I already have ideas of how to style each thing I bought. I will post pics she's taken for me.

                                     Dope dress right?

           These are high waist mom kinda jeans.....yassssss!!!!!

Have you thrifted anything recently? What did you buy? How did you style it?

Until Next Time,

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