Friday, May 11, 2012

New Hair hatitude #naturalhair #locs

Hey Glitterati,

I have been in love with my hair lately. Two months ago, I got my hair colored by the lovely Alecia, aka Afrosnbabyhair from Twitter. She's an entire beast with this hair thing. She colored it in a gradient, meaning it went from one color into another flawlessly. The top is a light blonde, the middle is a auburn brown, and the back is my natural dark brown hair color. She got out here and made a plair like myself look all shiny and new.

Now because I got out here and changed my hair color, I had to change my brow color. Thanks to Henri' Mitchelle, my brows are snatched to the Gods and colored perfectly. Love her!

A little while later I went to Regional Conference in Dearborn Michigan. I showed up and showed out, in true Brandy fashion.

I got my dress from David's Bridal, earrings are from Dots, and my hair flower is from Sidney aka Hysterical Mom from Twitter...She's the best!

       Delta Xi Sigma with the 2nd Grand Anti-Basileus Soror Self.

So fast forward a week ago....I got tired of my hair being long and putting it into a ponytail. I told my Loctician that I wanted to cut my hair, and showed her a picture. I love change and changing my hair is a change that I love.

                                           A few snips later

This is my hair now....after I took the braids down. It's crinkly and I am in love with my hair. I love a bob. A loc bob rocks my socks. I'm still Loc RHOckin and show stoppin....BOOM!

So that's my last few months with my hair. What changes have you made with your hair, makeup, or your appearance? Do you feel better with the changes?

Until Next Time,


"The Human Side to Beauty"
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