Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY Tinted Moisturizer with @brownbae from Twitter

Hello Glitterati,

A few days ago my friend Tia aka @brownbae from twitter asked me about concealing certain parts of her face. Most women do wear some form of makeup on a daily basis, but cringe at the thought of wearing foundation and powder everyday. For a busy mom, on the go like Tia she needed something she could use to get in and out in the morning.

My answer to her was a tinted moisturizer, to slightly cover some discolorations on her face. Instead of buying tinted moisturizer, she made her own with Ponds cream and Mary Kay foundation she had at home.

In the end she was satisfied with the coverage and didn't need to put a ton of product on her face. She made a video showing her method, I will debut on Gold'n Glitters. Enjoy!

Have you tried to make your own tinted moisturizer? What products did you use?

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