Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[New Post] Flirty 30!

Hey Glitterati,

A little over a month ago I turned the big 3-0. Turning 30 scares most people, but it's made me excited. Excited about getting older and the possibilities of growth. In 30 short years, I have accomplished what most can only dream to accomplish. I am the 1st in my family to graduate High School, and graduate College (St Xavier University). I became a Sigma Gamma Rho, started a blog, and have learned (and continually learning) about beauty and fashion. That's more than enough to celebrate. 

I also walked away from a 5 year relationship that I wasn't happy in to become single. That alone took strength and confidence to leave something familiar in order to become happy. I have a piece of mind now....Doors are opening for me, that I couldn't even imagine. 

On my actual birthday I was surrounded by people that love me, that all had wonderful things to say about me. I actually got gifts lol. Twitter and Facebook let it rain birthday wishes on a playa. lol! Turning 30 isn't the worst thing ever, to me it's the beginning of something great....growing older.

I can actually say that this birthday trumps all others....even my 21st. I can honestly say that I am coming into my own, and that came from getting older and living life. Hopefully if God is willing I will be able to see many more blessed birthdays. I wanted to leave you with Auntie Peebz (@thePBG) from twitter on youtube talking about turning 30, and why it's not so bad. It's given me hope before I even turned 30, and now I know what she means.

Until Next Time,

Mz B

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