Sunday, October 30, 2011

**New Post** Vision Board 2011

Hey Glitterati,

A while ago, I put together a vision board. A vision board is a tool to keep the person focused on their goals and dreams. A vision board can detail career goals, family, etc. Mine detailed my goals of becoming a makeup artist, fashion stylist, my natural hair goals, sorority goals, and financial goals. I am so excited to announce that in September 2012, I will be attending Tricocci University for their Esthetics program, if God's willing. One step closer to my dream. *insert happy dance*

The 1st part of my vision board is the fashion aspect. I love fashion and art, always have, always will. I am always on the lookout for what's trendy in fashion, and love fashion shows. Toccara is one of my fashion icons, she's plus sized and fly. I am always answering texts, phone calls and emails about fashion and styling outfits for sorors, and friends. I have realized my influence, and always willing to help out. My obsession is shoes and boots.

This represents the makeup artist in me. Sure I can make my face flawless, but making other people flawless is an art in itself. I took a lot of pictures of celebs whose makeup I love Amber Rose, Chrisette Michele, and Mo'nique to name a few. I have also done research on makeup companies, and products. I am looking forward to working ofr one of the companies I have on my board in the future (claiming that). In order to practice, (it makes you better) I sent a email to my sorors and friends letting them know of my services, and consultations. My email was a success, as I have been making appointments for makeovers in November.

This part is the board is my life. It represents the financial, and just thoughts in my head that I think about on a daily basis. One quote I say daily is value is inside of me. I got that from my soror, friend, and Life Coach Kandice Washington-Cole, she helped me learn that instead of letting others give me value, I need to find it within first. Love her to death. An affirmation I got from Oprah's Life Class is Abundance flows all around me.

My sorority corner represents my love, sweat, and tears I give to Sigma Gamma Rho, Sorority Inc. February 28, 2008, I gave my Love, Peace, and Happiness to Sigma, and never looked back. In my chapter (Delta Xi Sigma) I am a Rhoer Coordinator, which is our Auxillary organization of teenage girls that Sigma Gamma Rho mentors. I love for young ladies to look and act like young ladies. Some girls have issues with self esteem, education, etc. I would like them to become their best selves and become great women. I am also a mentor to one our neos in our chapter. I just hope I can give her the best experience of learning and growing as my soror, not to mention I love her to death. :-)

This picture I cut from an Essence article. It really explains my growth spiritually with God. I never think that I am better than anybody because I go to church or read the bible, I am a work in progress. I just hope my walk with God only gets better from here.

That is my vision board for the year 2011. In the pictures I hope you can see my leopard print boarder lol. I love leopard print. Have you done a vision board? What have you learned from doing one?

Until Next Time,
Mz B
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