Wednesday, October 19, 2011

**New Post** Lush Haul

Hey Glitterati,

I am back with a Haul of things I bought from Lush in Water Tower (@lushWaterTower on twitter). I have been wanting to try Lush for forever and I got the chance to use some gift cards. Came handy with a list of things to try (recommended by @ProudChapina from twitter)

My first impression of the store was pretty nice. The sales person tried the products on me that I wanted to buy, and a few others that would be good to try. I also got a nice arm massage while the products were sitting on my face.

I ended up buying Ultrabland, Imperialis, Eau Roma Water, Love Lettuce, and a Vitamin C tablet. I guess because I am used to washing my face both in the morning and before i go to bed, I was instructed by the sale person to use the Ultrabland at night before bed, and use the Eau Roma Water in the morning, which works well so far.

It's for all skin types. It has a almond base with rose water, and beeswax. You take a finger full of product and massage it around your face, even on the eye area. Use a cotton ball, or warm towel to wipe the dirt, makeup and product off your face.

Love Lettuce
I use this 2-3 times a week. It's a balancing mask for all skin types. Exfoliation is a good part of your skin care regime that scrubs away the dead skin and debris that clogs the skin and make breakouts. It's a blend of seaweed, almond, and lavender oil, which leaves the skin clean and fresh. 

Eau Roma Water
Lavender oil is used for it's gentle and soothing properties. Rose water is used for retaining moisture and an astringent. Astringents evens skin tone and improves the overall appearance of the skin. I use the Roma Water about once a day, in the morning.

I use this twice daily to replenish the moisture from washing and toning my face. It's a very balancing product for the skin, it gives moisture when needed and when it doesn't need as much it doesn't give as much. I think this product is genius. The way it uses the Lavender oil to encourage dry parts of the skin to make more oil.....simply genius!

Vitamin C tablets
The tablet is healing using Vitamin C to clarify the face, and steaming it. The water from the vitamin c tablets can be used as a toner. I haven't used the tablets yet, but the experience from the store demo was a good one. I will be using these in the future and letting you all know it's outcomes. Place the tab in warm water and letting the steam hit your face with the Vitamin C properties.

Overall I was impressed with the products. I love that they list every ingredient in the product, on their website. Everything is listed based on what kind of skin you have and what you want to accomplish with the product. The products if you want to try them out, get the small sizes.....more economical. I'm hooked now! lol!

Have you tried Lush Products? What have you tried? Are you satisfied with the products?

Until Next Time,

Mz B
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