Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Seminar

Hello Glitterati,

I had the pleasure of being invited by Felicia Leatherwood (@lovingyourhair on twitter), celebrity natural hair stylist, to attend the Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Seminar at the Oasis Salon and Barbershop, 2150 S Canalport in Chicago, IL.
 This is my 1st event actually as a blogger, and I was totally excited!!!!! I can tell by Ms. Leatherwood's, passion that she is really into healthy hair.

She covered:

Diet- important for healthy hair.
*Beans are rich in Biotin, if you're biotin deficient your hair will be dry and brittle.
*Nuts are rich in Selenium, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Both are good for healthy hair and skin.
*Yogurt is rich in Calcium, that's good for healthy hair and skin.
*Dark green veggies are a good source of Vitamin A and C.

Co Washing- Most naturals are so bent on co washing that they develop a film on the hair. The product never gets to the hair and scalp because of the film. Consider getting a creamy shampoo and it's nothing wrong with clarifying the hair.

Washing-she recommended washing the hair 3 times. To effectively remove the buildup and dirt from the hair.

For Locs-squeeze shampoo and conditioner through the locs, to condition and wash throughout the loc. Also, dry under the dryer to combat the mildew smell.

Komaza Care-a line from California, they have a coconut hair pudding I want to try for retwisting my locs. (@komazahaircare on twitter)

She also performed demonstration of different hair styles for different types, such as twa (teenie weenie afros) and shingling on loose hair.

At the end she met everyone individually and stayed behind to answer questions. To actually take a picture with her and get a big hug was the highlight of my blogging career.I felt like I got plenty out of the seminar, and I really enjoyed myself.

                                                            Me and Felicia

                                                                    Some of the participants

Until Next Time,
Mz B
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