Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blue With Envy-OOTN

Hey Glitterati,

Sorry I been gone so long, I've been super duper busy. :-( I know ya'll missed me. Plus, I haven't done a Outfit of the Day/Night Post in a hawt minute. This past weekend, I went to Cincinnati OH for my Regional Conference. (SGRho) I went to the awards banquet and wanted something jazzy (my friend Brody calls me this all the time) but will have all eyes on me. 

Mission accomplished.

People were either asking who made it, or whispering lol. When I say I'm a Loc RHOcker Show Stopper, I mean it. :-) I'm the show, and the afterparty! #pow

I was inspired by Kandi from RHOA, the dress she wore when she attended Cynthia's wedding. The only difference was I didn't have the pepulum around the waist. 

                                                           This is Kandi's Dress 

Front View with Ruffle on Shoulder
Back view and Showing Gold Glitter Shoes

Dress was made by Shane, Shoes were from Sears.....for the low. ($20) 

Like really you couldn't tell me I wasn't stunting though, lol!!!!! 

Until Next time,
Mz B

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