Monday, January 31, 2011

Mz B and Living The Good Life

Hello Glitterati,

To increase my exposure and get more people to become fabulous on the inside and outside, I have started a monthly blog post on my SoRHOr Kandice's Blog called Living The Good Life.

This opportunity is a blessing for me, as I am looking to become a makeup artist, and taking Aesthetic classes starting in August of this year. I have always been into makeup and skincare since High School. I wore makeup all the time lol. As far as fashion wise, we wore uniforms, but I wore a skirt everyday (even in the bitter cold winters of Chicago), that's what tights are for, lol! Other than bleeding blue n gold, I bleed fashion, beauty, and makeup.....

I have started my business, Golden Moments, as a makeup artist and stylist of fashion. Motivation from friends, family, and sorors, I started this business to be able to share my gifts with others.....and get paid for it. I will share the link from the blog post. 

Living The Good Life

Until next time,

Mz B

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