Sunday, January 2, 2011

All Things Leopard (Grrrrrrr)

Hey Lovelies,

 I was inspired by a conversation about shoes, and decided to do a post about leopard. I wanted to wear some leopard tights with my lace black dress for nye, but decided against it....You know trying to be fiscally responsible and everything *sigh* Since shoes are my weakness that's what we will start with...

                                                  The Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge bootie Savana

                                                     This shoe is just.....everything. ($1195)

If 5 inch platform wedges are too much for you....

                                                         Cole Haan Air Lainey Wedge

                                               2 inches worth of ($198.00)

                                                          Betsy Johnson's Liquid Leather Clutch 
                                                   Serving fashion to the kids with this piece ($67.50)

                                                           A Faux leather Leopard belt-Torrid

The best part of the All Things Leopard Post.....Nye

                                             My nails for NYE, courtesy of Tocarra (facebook page)

Do you own anything leopard? If so, what pieces do you own?


Mz B
The Human Side To Beauty

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