Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beauty on a Dime

Thanks to Krissy from Addicted to All Things Pretty, her rockin' red lippy....I am bring you the exact same red lip. All the products were under $2 except my vino lip liner from MAC.

*If you're doing a red lip, exfoliate those lips. (a simple sugar scrub and toothbrush will work)

*Prime those lips with a good moisturizer. (I use burt's beeswax)

*Line your lips, to keep the color from bleeding. (here you can tone the lipstick down or turn the color up of the lipstick)

*Use a lip brush, or just apply from the tube. This time I'm using Garnet Lipstick from Black Radiance.

*To finish the look off, I used to the Scarlet gloss, which is very shiny and tingly.

Before I end the look, I use paper towel to blot the excess product off, nobody likes lipstick on their teeth.

Tah dahhhh I hope you like. Any other red lip products that you use on a regular?
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