Sunday, October 17, 2010

October Wish List (Pics Included)

Hello Lovelies,

Raising the roof for internet access (literally lol). October 2 was my bday....Shout out to all the Libras!!! #wootwoot
I thought I would do a wishlist for the fall/winter season....things I plan on buying or wish I could buy lol. 

I know I would shut the spot down at Regional Conference with this number....Monif put her drawls in this one! Fabulous Glamour and sparkle all in one package. 

As we go into winter, a great coat is needed to keep you warm and looking great. The military look is in right now, but this coat is a fab coat regardless. This coat can be found at

Another coat from the Avenue is this versatile leather can wear sweaters underneath or hoodies, when the temperature goes down.
Fall and winter means holiday's are coming up, and the parties will be poppin' off. This dress from ASOS will keep you looking great and have compliments coming your way.

I wanted this to be my birthday dress, but I will just get it to wear when I step out.....I just thought it was sooooo fly! With some colored tights and boots or pumps...chile!!!

Sweater dresses, what can you possibly say bad about them? They are feminine and keep you warm, with a scarf, tights, and boots will round out your look. Sweater Dress look from Lane Bryant

While I talk about what looks good and what's cute, it's all in how you feel when you put on the garments. You betta werk like the rent is due tomorrow when you step out...That confidence and not conceit will make others around you feel good about you and themselves.

Until Next Time,

Mz B
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