Monday, March 22, 2010

Torrid/Charlotte Russe Shoe Haul

Hello My Lovlies,

After a week of almost 60 degree weather in Chicago, I thought I would give the Uggs a break and get some new shoes. If you know anything about Chicago, there's only two seasons: Winter and Summer. The winters are long and the summers are great. That week was just a tease lol.

On my off day, I strolled to the mall with my Torrid Coupon ($25 off $100 or more) bought a pair of suede cowboy boots in black (they make plenty of noise when I walk lol)

some wedges in a funky design with brown, grey, black, teal, and yellow. They have to be at least 3 inches with a hidden platform. (<3 wedges btw)

Just when I thought I was done....I go in Charlotte Russe and find a Buy 1 get 1 for $15 sale on their shoes. Btw their shoes go up to a size 11 now.

I get 3 pairs of flats (<3 flats too lol)
A black Pair with pretty detailing

Grey Pair with a buckle on top with pointy toes

And a brown pair rounded toe with a basketweave design on top

I'm done with buying shoes for a while lol....until the next sale comes along. Until the next post, I bid you adeu.

Mz B
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