Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself.............

Hey ya'll!!!!

This is my new post and I will introduce myself...I'm Mz B. I'm a newly Loc RHOcker...December 2009 to be exact. It has been a journey even though for 3 months. My last relaxer was January 2009. My big chop (BC) was September 2009. Wearing a relaxer for over 20 years, being natural was new to me. I will say that I love my curls and kinks with 3 different hair types in one. I went natural because I got tired of the straightness of relaxers and my hair breaking. When I was relaxed I would do braidouts...go figure.

Makeup Makeup Makeup.....What can I say? I love thee. From MAC, to Loreal HIP....I love it. By following other makeup blogs, I found a new love for blush. My favs are MAC "Sweet as Cocoa" and "Raizin". Not that I'm a guru, but I am learning.

Clothes......I love thee too. I thought about moving overseas, because they have the plus sized clothing game on lock. On the other hand Ashley Stewart is on my shhhh list. I haven't seen anything worth buying there in months. Smh. I will be showing where's the sales and the quality plus sized clothing. "We want to look good too."

And that is me, so far. Those are the three things I will be blogging about and my life in general as a uppity sistah with a heart of RHOyal blue and Gold.

Much love, peace, and hair grease
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