Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beyonce's "Heat" Adventures

Ok usually I don't have more than one fragrance at a time....Now I decided to change that, so I have 4 now. Lol! I got Juicy Couture's 1st perfume and Vera Wangs "Princess" for Christmas 09. I bought Yves St. Laurent "Parisenne" for myself. All scents I love. As a recommendation from Krissy @ Addicted To All Things Pretty, I tried the Beyonce "Heat". Right now it's mostly being sold at Macy's. It's a mixture of sweet and musk to me, some say it's not original. I haven't smelled anything like it, I love it!

So I stroll into Macy's in the 'burbs with my bff in tow and we ask about the perfume, because I don't see a display or anything. You know what I do see, a big display of SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume. Nothing against SJP and her hustle, but that wasn't what I was looking for anyways. So I ask the vendor about it and she tells me that it's sold out. "Oh we were sold out in 2 weeks." she says. I felt defeated because I wanted something that they didn't have, but to make matters worse she shoves swatches of Jessica Simpson's perfume and SJP in our faces....Booooo!!!!! She didn't even check in the back or nothing, Bad customer service in my eyes.

So me and Bff walk around the mall some more and she says, "Let's go back and ask them can they find other Macy's with the perfume." You see why that's my bff....she always thinking lol. So we asked someone who actually worked at Macy's about the perfume, He found a bottle in the back in the small size. Exactly what I wanted. =) On another note, Bey needs to sell at more places Sephora, Carson's, etc. Macy's is overpriced in my eyes, and throwing all kinds of shade Bey's way. Hey I'm no Bey stan, but I wanted to make a purchase and because of one misinformed person I wouldn't have been able to make it.
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