Sunday, February 28, 2010

31 Day No Buy, The Beauty Junkie Detox

One of my beauty inspirations @krissy90220 on twitter has a blog

Starting March 1-31, 2010, I will be participating in the No Buy Junkie Detox. I'm doing my own spin on it though, no makeup, nail polish, or hair products for one month. The Month of February I have been making purchases, knowing that I won't be able to after March 1st.

2 purchases were to M.A.C.

Valentine's Day Weekend
*Lady Gaga Viva Glam Lipstick (a pretty bluish pink lustre color)
*Sweet as Cocoa Blush (it's a shimmery brown blush)
*Night Moth lip pencil =$50

Wednesday February 24th
*Sweetie Lustre Lipstick ( I love love love this pink color)
*Luminary Lustreglass =$30
This is the lip

Why I am doing this...
1. to save money
2. to really think about what I buy
3. to really use the makeup and products I already do have

I will be making lists of things I may want to purchase once this makeup sabbatical is over and will blog about my experiences. Don't be surprise if I am in the corner rocking back and forth lol.....I'm so dramatic.

Stay Blessed! =)
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